Dedication of the

Gabriel and Angel Tamman Gate, Ben-Gurion Day 2021. L-R: Jeff Kaye, Joseph Tamman and David Tamman

DEVELOPING THE NORTH CAMPUS The North Campus is an amazing blessing. No other Israeli university has the luxury of an unspoiled, undeveloped nearby plot of land at its disposal – an area that will allow growth in numbers and expansion into new domains. However, the development of the new campus, along with our physical development plans for the Eilat and Sde Boker campuses, represent a daunting challenge, as the funds required are significant. ENGAGING WITH OUR CURRENT AND FUTURE FRIENDS AND SUPPORTERS Our community of supporters means the world to us. We want to get to know you, engage you, and share our pride in BGU with you. We also want to build relationships with new friends and supporters and expand our global network of BGU advocates who are both knowledgeable and passionate about the University.

NO OTHER ISRAELI UNIVERSITY HAS THE LUXURY OF AN UNSPOILED, UNDEVELOPED NEARBY PLOT OF LAND AT ITS DISPOSAL – AN AREA THAT WILL ALLOW GROWTH IN NUMBERS AND EXPANSION INTO NEW DOMAINS This year, we launched the Halutz Initiative for Global Leadership , an immersive program that turns BGU and the Negev into a platform for understanding today’s global challenges and becoming part of the needed solutions. We launched this flagship program with an outstanding cohort of participants who are committed to Israel but new to BGU. In this immersive program, the participants gain knowledge and become vehicles for change. Our new partners build networks of support for BGU research and activities, while helping build a better world. We’re looking forward to investing in new experiences and avenues of engagement and welcoming more people to the University family.


Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

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