THIS PLAN WILL ENABLE US TO LAUNCH A FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN THE LIKES OF WHICH BGU HAS NOT SEEN BEFORE – A MAJOR, 10-YEAR, STRATEGIC, GLOBAL CAMPAIGN This plan will enable us to launch a fundraising campaign the likes of which BGU has not seen before – a major, 10 year, strategic, global campaign that will involve all of our worldwide associates organizations, friends, and supporters, and many new ones. This campaign will provide the means to put BGU's strategic plan into action. The global resource development plan focuses on three important areas, which the division has already started to advance: BGU Beyond 50 provides an excellent framework for our fundraising efforts, but we must closely examine the plan and understand the actual cost of achieving each of the plan’s objectives. This information will serve as the basis for both translating the strategic plan into a fundraising campaign, and establishing the campaign’s global structure, leadership, and goals – critical actions that will contribute to a successful campaign. TRANSLATING THE STRATEGIC PLAN INTO A FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN

Shortly after becoming BGU President, Prof. Daniel Chamovitz initiated an in-depth strategic process aimed at developing a roadmap for the University’s advancement in the coming years. The resulting strategic plan, BGU Beyond 50 , articulates the University’s defined goal: “to become one of the world’s most outstanding universities and Israel’s leading university in terms of research, teaching, and contribution to society" and a strategy to achieve it: “the recruitment of outstanding researchers to the University, while nurturing and retaining them and our existing faculty members.” Knowing that the efforts of the Division of Public Affairs and Resource Development would be critical in the ability to execute the strategic plan, for the past year, the Division has been laying the necessary groundwork. We have formed an excellent team and all the components are in place to ensure that BGU has the resources needed to realize its full potential. One of the most important components is the Global Development Committee headed by Toni Young. The committee was established in 2021 to further collaboration between the University’s associates organizations to achieve BGU’s fundraising goals. The committee is putting the final touches on a global resource development plan, which will guide the division’s fundraising efforts for the next decade.


President's Report 2022

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