The Department of Community Action, established in 1974, promotes the involvement of the University, its staff, and its students in effective social action and initiatives, with the goal of reducing inequality in the Negev and Israeli society as a whole. It aims to achieve this by providing assistance to Negev populations in the areas of education and welfare; developing students’ awareness and skills as future leaders; improving access to the University for underprivileged populations; promoting meaningful discussion of social action; and helping students financially. The Department launched two new programs this year: Lapid , where over 130 students are helping school children catch up with classes and education lost to the coronavirus pandemic; and Speaking Hebrew at BGU , providing basic daily-use Hebrew lessons for women from the unrecognized Bedouin village A-Zarnoug.

DIVERSITY Five diversity supervisors were appointed to increase diversity in each faculty, and two training sessions for departmental diversity representatives were held. A proposal was submitted for faculty training on cultural competence and teaching in diverse classrooms. REDUCING DISCRIMINATION AND RACISM An institutional response to reduce discrimination and racism and deal with crisis situations is being formalized, including the establishment of an emergency response forum and workshops for dealing with crisis situations. A proposal was submitted to the senior administration to establish a committee for addressing complaints about racism and discrimination (by both students and University staff). A conference on this subject was held in conjunction with the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in March. Finally, a survey was conducted in January regarding cases of discrimination and racism on campus (in collaboration with the Campus Against Racism Forum). PROMOTING DIALOGUE AND LIVING TOGETHER A proposal for the establishment of a unit to promote living together was submitted in February. Courses on Arab-Jewish dialogue are also being planned.

500 active students

14 programs

50,000 student hours dedicated to the population of Beer-Sheva and the Negev

5,700 student hours dedicated to developing social responsibility and leadership skills

Rothschild Cube - Center for Effective Social Action

500 participants in Cube activities

2 accelerators for social initiatives


President's Report 2022

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