Virtual signing of the MoU between the International University of Rabat (Morocco) and BGU. L-R: Prof. Limor Aharonson-Daniel, Prof. Daniel Chamovitz, and Prof. Chaim Hames

International Exchange Program showcase for BGU students, December 2021

GLOBAL ATTENTION TO THE ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY, COMBINED WITH THE ESTABLISHMENT OF BGU’S NEW SCHOOL OF SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE, HIGHLIGHT THE OPPORTUNITIES FOR STUDIES AND RESEARCH AT OUR INTERNATIONAL CAMPUS IN SDE BOKER Global attention to the environment and sustainability, combined with the establishment of BGU’s new School of Sustainability and Climate Change, highlight the opportunities for studies and research at our international campus in Sde Boker. What we still lack, and hope to report on next year, is a full English language undergraduate degree program. We plan to open a multi disciplinary degree program that includes a pre-med segment, thereby allowing its graduates to go on to study at our Medical School for International Health. WELCOME CENTER One outcome of the strategic process on campus and the push to cut red tape was the recognition that we need a single central unit to guide international students from the moment they are accepted, to their arrival and through to their graduation. The establishment of such a center was approved this year and a team led by Ernst & Young worked on its characterization and organizational structure. A physical space has been allocated and we are awaiting final approval to hire a director.

NUMBERS The number of international students at BGU has been rising over the past few years and has now stabilized at around 1,000. It decreased slightly this past year, which is understandable given mobility issues associated with the coronavirus pandemic. The greatest impact on enrollment was our closure for the summer, which prevented hundreds of students from coming to BGU. As can be seen in the graph, we are trending upwards, surpassing the goals we set in our multi-year strategic plan for promoting internationalization.

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