The first move-in

day at the Student Village on North Campus

The Cyndi and Max Mintzberg Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel and Zionism Building and the Ben-Gurion Archive at Sde Boker

In accordance with the instructions of the University's Executive Committee, a budget was submitted based on a detailed work plan encompassing all University administrative units. The Budgeting and Economic Planning Division adjusted the budget to allow for new needs arising from the coronavirus pandemic, such as the move to remote learning, as well as to implement savings wherever possible. The Finance Division, which is responsible for procurement, accounting, and financing, continued operating smoothly despite local and global supply disruptions over the past year. Its procurement system was able to meet ongoing research and teaching demands and dealt successfully with issues of scarcity and transportation difficulties.

As a key partner in the University’s strategic plan, the Finance Division also played an important role in streamlining and reducing administrative burdens. Together with members of the academic and administrative staff, the Division's staff participated in a range of brainstorming teams, where they are developing advanced information systems and improving work processes. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the University was able to maintain its financial stability in 2021 thanks to its prudent and responsible management. Financial assets were managed in accordance with the policy set by the Investments Committee and returns have been the highest in history.

• Diane and Guilford Glazer Foundation Future Technologies Building, North Campus • Computer Science Building, North Campus

• Ernest Scheller, Jr. Gate of Innovation, North Campus Future projects • Civil and Environmental Engineering Building • Health Sciences research laboratories building


President's Report 2022

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