BGU Strikers cricket team.

Photo: Satish Nadawale

One of many, an academic delegation from the University of Seoul visited in January

Indian community is active in organizing celebrations of Indian holidays, such as Holi and Diwali, and even initiated a national cricket league where our team, the BGU Strikers, are the reigning champions. WHILE OUR GROWTH HAS BEEN EXPONENTIAL IN ADVANCED STUDIES, WE STILL HAVE A WAY TO GO WITH OUR UNDERGRADUATE INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS. I concluded my first term as Vice President for Global Engagement in December 2022. These have been challenging, but very gratifying, years. During this time, the number of international masters’ students doubled, and the number of international doctoral and postdoctoral fellows grew by 50%. Our partnerships today are more substantial and meaningful. Our goals and path to achieving them are clearer. All of this could not have been possible without an amazing team of talented women. I am thankful for the privilege to build and to continue to be working with BGU International, the devoted team headed by Dr. Stavi Baram that executes BGU’s internationalization strategy.

Looking ahead, we will soon open BGU’s Welcome Center to meet the needs expressed by international students and researchers during the President’s BGYou strategic consultations. The Center will provide a one-stop-shop for all administrative issues related to international students and researchers, setting new standards for BGU.


President's Report 2023

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