with us to have greater impact, contribute to the development of a solution, or establish a legacy at the University, as each donor has done, places great responsibility on us. We take each gift seriously, taking care in implementing and reporting on funded programs; honoring the memory of those for whom a gift established a legacy here; recognizing each gift in a fitting manner in our publications and on tribute walls; achieving our goals for research and teaching excellence; and fulfilling the vision of David Ben Gurion, who believed that the country’s ultimate success was dependent on education, science, and moral integrity, and that the future of Israel would emerge from the Negev. Together, we have built something special, and the story of BGU’s progress over the years and its ability to fulfill its founding mandate to advance the development of Israel's southern region and serve as a catalyst for its growth on the grand scale in which it does so today – as a leader in the innovation ecosystem developing in Beer-Sheva as a result of industry-academia collaboration; a powerhouse in domains like cyber security, robotics, arid zone agriculture, solar energy, and water resource management; and a central force for inclusion in Israel by promoting access to education and supporting the academic achievement of underserved populations – is the story of the donors who have made this progress possible. It is our shared story, and in order to fulfill our dreams for the University and become the best BGU possible, we need to share it widely and reach out to the many people who don’t yet know BGU. I encourage you to promote BGU among your friends and in your community, share your BGU story with them and help them get to know the University and understand its vital role in the future of Israel and the future of the world, and invite them to visit us in Beer-Sheva. There are many ways to become involved at BGU. One of our newest avenues for engagement is the Halutz Initiative for Global Leadership, an immersive

Dear friends,

It is my great pleasure to present you with BGU & You , a magazine devoted entirely to you – our global community of supporters. We at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev value our donors – each and every one. Our family of supporters is diverse, with members from many different countries, with different perspectives, values, priorities, and issues that keep them up at night. Despite these differences, each of our supporters feels a bond with the University and believes that BGU is worthy of investment. Each sees the University as a vehicle for greater personal impact, a means of fulfilling cherished values, and a way of working toward a greater, collective purpose. Particularly in these challenging times, when the issues the world is facing can leave one pessimistic, weary, and fearful, Ben-Gurion University, as part of the solution, is a source of inspiration and a positive force: Our researchers are making inroads in their fields, and our students’ dedication to their studies is matched by their commitment to community involvement and entrepreneurship. And through your support, you our donors are also part of the solution and a source of inspiration. We are grateful for that support. Each gift to the University makes a difference and is appreciated. We believe that entrusting BGU and partnering

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