10 am and 10 pm, with meetings held via Zoom or by phone. The hotline’s staff has responded to hundreds of requests for assistance, and its presence is itself a source of comfort, providing community members with the knowledge that assistance and support is just a phone call away. The hotline serves as the critical first line of defense in ensuring the emotional resilience of the BGU community in these challenging times. In addition to the immediate support provided by the hotline staff, the Resilience Center, in conjunction with the Human Resources Division, also aims to serve as an ongoing resource to faculty and staff in their capacity as employees, managers, caregivers, and colleagues working and living within an organization and country coping with major trauma. To achieve this, the center offers workshops that provide tools for reducing stress and emotional

distress, tools to assist managers in handling crisis situations, and lectures on timely topics like restoring resilience and growth.

Unrestricted Grants and Computers for Evacuated Employees

This initiative served as a lifeline and offered hope to BGU employees living within 20 kilometers of the Gaza border who were in vital need of assistance and services post-October 7th. In addition to purchasing computers for some of the evacuated employees, unrestricted grants of approximately $1,400 per employee were provided, allowing evacuees to spend the funds on whatever they most needed, be it medicine, clothing, food, transportation, or rent. With these grants, we were able to reduce the financial insecurity of those forced to flee their homes and beginning to rebuild their lives.


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