The strategic plan points to areas of research where BGU has a critical mass of faculty members and offers means to enhance unconventional supra-disciplinary connections that can lead to real breakthroughs and boost BGU’s visibility and reputation.

BGU is a university where problem oriented research is valued. This enables fruitful partnerships and collaborations across the University and beyond academia, and helps us make a real difference in the world. THE SCHOOL OF SUSTAINABILITY AND CLIMATE CHANGE As the first major outcome of the strategic process, BGU has established the School of Sustainability and Climate Change. climate change. “From here on out, there will be just one go-to place for anyone concerned with the greatest challenges that face humankind,” said President Prof. Chamovitz. We are building on fifty years of proven experience and a global reputation as a leading institution in desert studies, water, and clean energy. For example, BGU is ranked first in Israel and among the world’s top 150 universities in water related research. “Leveraging the wealth of scientific expertise in some 150 laboratories across the University’s many departments to meet the challenges of The School will train students to become researchers and experts in all areas touching upon environment, sustainability, and

global climate change is a natural move,” President Chamovitz continued, “and we intend to invest further resources in developing the School and enlisting additional partners to create the next generation of solutions through multiple technological and scientific avenues.” The School of Sustainability and Climate Change will eventually offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs to Israeli and international students, preparing them for a range of careers in sustainability-related fields: in research and development, government and policy, management, and as entrepreneurs. The University’s unique desert location and its innovative problem oriented approach provide a distinct edge in leading advanced studies and transformative research. “Global climate change is perhaps our generation’s most significant challenge,” said President Chamovitz. “What were once local problems have become a global crisis that requires experts frommultiple fields to come together and think outside the box to come up with innovative global solutions. Solutions developed here in the Negev, such as drip irrigation and mass-scale desalination, were born of necessity and innovative thinking. We are obligated to share our accumulated knowledge and next breakthroughs with the world, through our new School.”

Support and expand cross disciplinary

collaborations in areas of research strength

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