in psychiatric social work. They were married and moved to Connecticut, where Max founded Max Javit Real Estate Development, focusing on commercial properties. He worked in the real estate business until retiring in 2008. He and his wife then began splitting their time between Connecticut and Florida, where Max passed away in 2019. The couple was married for 64 years and have three children and two grandchildren.

“When Israel succeeds, all Jews walk taller and prouder worldwide.”

Rachel and Max Javit’s first gift to BGU, in 2013, helped the University build a miniature space satellite and send it into orbit – significantly expanding Israel’s space research capabilities. The nanosatellite BGUSAT, as it’s known, was launched in 2017 after five years of development by BGU, Israel Aerospace Industries and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space. The satellite is smaller than a shoebox (10x10x30 centimeters) and weighs about six and a half pounds. It carries specially designed imaging, communication, and GPS technologies, and is tied to a guidance system at a dedicated ground station at BGU. “We’re so pleased to have helped Israel soar to new horizons by providing eyes in the sky,” Rachel Javit said at the launch. “BGUSAT will provide valuable data for BGU and other Israeli academics that will benefit the scientific research community worldwide.”

Rachel and Max were generous philanthropists at home, but they were always passionate about Israel and eventually BGU. Max served on the national board of Americans for Ben-Gurion University and was a member of BGU’s Board of Governors. “When Israel succeeds, all Jews walk taller and prouder worldwide.” Max once said. “There’s a symbiotic relationship between Israel and the Diaspora. And we should work together.”

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