Students from the Geneva Jewish School completed a program on entrepreneurship sponsored by the Swiss Friends of BGU. Photo: courtesy

SEP 2022 BGU Entrepreneurship Featured at the Geneva Jewish School The Swiss Friends of BGU organized a seminar on entrepreneurship at the Geneva Jewish School, Beit Yossef Girsa. Tair Koren and Shir

Levy from the University’s Yazamut 360° Entrepreneurship Center spent a week teaching classes on how to create a startup, what makes a good startup, and why Israel is a startup nation.

SEP 2022 High Turnout for A4BGU Board Meeting in NYC More than 85 board members joined the three-day Americans for Ben-Gurion University’s Annual Board Meeting in New York City. As a part of the program, the board members watched an exclusive screening of the documentary Who Are the Marcuses? Board members also attended the launch of the Institute for Future Technologies, an exciting New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) – BGU partnership.

Leadership of BGU, NJIT and A4BGU at the inauguration of the Institute for Future Technologies. Photo: Peter Labrozzi

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