JUN 2022: The Negev Classic Golf Tournament returned to Winnipeg in the summer following a long hiatus due to COVID. Photo: courtesy

AUG 2022 A4BGU Hosts Water to Wine Event in Aspen Guests enjoyed a tasting of fine wines from the Negev desert, followed by a discussion with President Prof. Daniel Chamovitz and A4BGU CEO Doug Seserman, with recorded remarks from BGU’s viticulturist extraordinaire, Prof. Aaron Fait.

JUL 2022 CCJJ Visits Sde Boker The participants of a youth

leadership tour organized by the Geneva Jewish Community, visited BGU’s Sde Boker campus and the Ben-Gurion Archives, where they participated in a seminar on what makes a good leader.

JUL 2022: An inaugural meet-up for BGU alumni in the UK was held in London, with a strong turnout of BGU graduates from a wide range of professions, including three couples who met at BGU! Photo: courtesy

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